Tihor Consulting

We offer Security and Systems management services to small and growing businesses, freelancers and single proprietorships in and around New York City.  

The Internet is a wonderful opportunity for you -- and also for those who want to cause you problems. Our Security Services reduce those risks to acceptable levels. We can provide incident handling, site hardening, firewall setup, security advising, technical audits, and ongoing security monitoring and maintenance services.

Avertising for new computer technologies -- especially Linux and Mac OS X (Darwin) -- promises the world but doesnot admit that those same technologies present new challenges for the small business.    They offer power but also new complexities and risks.   We make the advertising promises real.  We can provide trained UNIX and Mac OS X system administration help to set things up intially and to keep things running smoothly, so the new technologies empower you not frustrate you.
Making the promise of technology real.
Tihor Consulting